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who's daniel?

look at that hair

look at that hair

and how about that backlight
my mom says i'm awesome. not sure i need to say more than that. but since someone else would probably screw up my bio, or get the facts wrong, i thought i'd write my own. for more than four decades, i've been an artist of some form or another. writing, acting, photography, cinematography, voiceover, podcast host, web designer, graphic designer, and more. i've been fortunate enough to travel many places in the world and document a lot of it. people like to hear that you’ve worked with famous brands and famous people, so for those who want to hear some of my credits, here’s some of that crap: i’ve worked with most of the big studios like dreamworks, warner brothers, and disney, and had really cool high profile and interesting gigs like capturing steven spielberg’s daughter’s bat mitzvah and directing and shooting the michelin star international gourmet food festival in portugal, just to proverbially name a few (although that was two, not three, but who’s counting). i’ve also loved working with fellow artists, musicians, writers, dancers, actors, and local mom and pop etsy creators and entrepreneurs to help them bring their dreams to life. but most of all... (click here to keep reading)